From Crown to Sole, the Soul Needs a Crown

I looked up
And my eyes were pierced
I saw no more and I perceived even less
My junk has been littered
And my filth is a mess
My vision wasn’t much to begin with
I have trouble following directions
The vertical sight is full of ups and downs
And the horizontal Kingdom slays the east,
Sacrifices the West.

I listened up
And my ears were death
Or was it deaf? I can’t hear myself think
My harmonious sound is drowned by a fountain of truth
My youth has gone by in a blink
The sounds of life are remotely mute
I’m fooled by the pseudonumb voice
From what I know, the nose and throat connect
The beat of another drummer reverberates my skull
And disrupts the Trinity link.

I stood up
And my head hurts.
I’m dark, dumb, and weak.
The vertigo of my will makes my soul bleak
The God of my head gives strength to my feet.