Run with Endurance the Race

The calmness inside me has come at a price
and the laundry thats dirty is worn like a vice
sooner or later my labor’ll suffice
as long, like a lamb, I keep moving

My fairness, thats peaceful, is brimming with pride
and the blood that is shining is draining aside
a marriage, its working, when a groom’s with his bride
and of course, the divorce, its proceeding

As a sinner I’m sad
as a lover I’m glad
that the good Lord will save, and suffer
for a man that will run any minute.

And I’ll run, the race, with endurance
’cause my prize is a place, no longer a face, I see in a mirror.

If I am a question, then I have been marked
and if I am shouting, I’ve no bite but bark
my body is weary, and I’m sweating the dark
and like most men, my strength, it is fleeting


Today, my prison, hand-crafted in whys
the jailer’s disorder’s, a little white lie
at times, in my bleakest, I lay down and die
but I’ll rise, with my God, whose defeating.