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Paralysis of the Heart, Numbness of the Mind

The San Andres Fault of the soul is
breaking, breaking, breaking
the echo is a heartbeat
knocking, knocking, knocking
hope is an eyelid
blinking, blinking, blinking
tomorrow is a lottery
longing, longing, longing
history is an inverted ladder
clinging, clinging, clinging
today is an undiscovered country
exploring, exploring, exploring.

My eye is a camera
capturing, capturing, capturing
your hand is a fist
bashing, bashing, bashing
my foot is a root
planting, planting, planting
your breath is a fog
clouding, clouding, clouding
my thought is alarmed
ringing, ringing, ringing
your faith is conditional
demanding, demanding, demanding
our insides look like our outsides
fleeting, fleeting, fleeting.


About R. Ward

A husband, father, teacher, and struggling man of God.

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