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Stickfigure #3 (Salvation Army)

Marching in 4/4 time
is more difficult than you think.
We can all move to a beat
but most not by the same drummer.
Timing is as irregular
as a child playing house.
Unity looks like a triangle to some
or perpendicular line to another
We all want to talk about the front lines
but no one wants to take the first bullet.
Our faiths are like Normandy,
and our purpose like an uncivil war.

Let your 16th notes be banished
like a two-faced romantic.
Crush the hope of the enemy
by opening your hands to conviction.
Resolve the end of your narrative
by admitting that conflict isn’t a necessity.

I am an Army of one
with an I.E.D. under my welcome mat

Yet, I am also an Army of Two
taking orders from a singular I, and not the plural You.


About R. Ward

A husband, father, teacher, and struggling man of God.

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