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you…me, you…me, you…me

Me can’t see you.
Me can’t reach out to you.
Me don’t equate the math of you.
Me don’t listen to you.
Me won’t follow you.
Me won’t rescue you.
Me shouldn’t feel threatened by you.
Me shouldn’t turn a deaf ear to you.
Me ignore you.
Me disrespect you.
Me fail to serve you.
Me win the game, not you.
Me antagonize you.
Me walk all over you.
Me love me.
You love I.


About R. Ward

A husband, father, teacher, and struggling man of God.

One response to “you…me, you…me, you…me

  1. Sarah

    Right on, Ryan.
    Isnt this the gut-wrenching honesty that we all need to realize. Thank you for this as I have been reminded over and over this week to “esteem others better than myself”

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