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Open Mouth, Insert Words

What have you said today?
Ironically, words are a departure
An exit, or an invite to separation
A barrier construct of clarity
The boundary of distance security-
Meanwhile, the verbal revolving door
Nearer to the wordsmith windmill
Is a gust of literate laboring
An effortless efficacy of information
To publish through the palpable printing press
For an audience awaiting to award the prize
A gold medal of gratuity
The gold medal for a babbling brook.
Words are a trophy room
To impress the wayward visitor
Speechless to describe the shimmer of oration
A competition so vast
An audience so absorbed to receive
Instruction? No.
Advice? Useless.
Truth? Deserted.
What I’ve said is a show, a contest
A war of words in a land of no peace of mind
What have you said today?


About R. Ward

A husband, father, teacher, and struggling man of God.

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