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Breadth, Length, Height, Depth

If you’re concerned with what I said before,
a mere breath explains it all.
I’m pleased, enthralled
mysterious, then solved
My lungs cannot contain the air of war
Therefore, I speak what I should not absorb.

If you’re exhausted by how far I’ve come
a single step is a stride.
Distance measured with land
growth by grains of sand
My walk is a cadence for a drum
Marching with a drummer who has no from.

If you’re dizzy from standing at the highest of heights,
a blinks provides perspective.
The sight below is past
the heavens above won’t last
Wherever we look is string for a kite
is meant to rise in a gravitational fight.

If you’re searching in a cave-like abyss,
a simple question provides the answers.
Who for what
Streams the cut
The quick comes when you observe the kiss
A romance of spring in the winter’s bliss.


About R. Ward

A husband, father, teacher, and struggling man of God.

2 responses to “Breadth, Length, Height, Depth

  1. Cyndi ⋅

    This is lovely, so melodic.

  2. Sarah ⋅

    beautiful. you have a way with words that is profound, yet simple. I can appreciate that, ryan- thank you for your poetry!

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