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The Moon is Half-Empty, The Moon is Half-Full

A lunar drink for a split personality,
I’ve been robbed of my strength
by a shadowy figure that looks like my own
This swarthy thief lives in two dimensions
like a mole that enjoys your good intentions
then deceives you under false pretenses
the hoodwink is: I saw it coming.
I drank from the glass of ill-repute
and became intoxicated by its fruit
rather than fight the hangover
I slept and dreamt of the lowest of lows,
the personified larcenist stole my face
and replaced it with a false identity,
and all I could drink
was from a half-empty glass.

A lunar drink for a split personality:
In a house of joy, I am its lock and key.
The penultimate padlock.
On a see-saw of pessimist, I am the tipping point.
In an arthritic world with weakened joints
I am the salve waiting to anoint
Dying for physicians: the doctor is in.
Attention flatliners: I don’t use a stethoscope
defibrillate your heart with an eclectic jolt
The pulse in a stalemate is no longer a shock
In the emergency room, the enemy is a clock
Take the cup, swallow the Truth
its all we need for now
Half-full is the immunizing proof.


About R. Ward

A husband, father, teacher, and struggling man of God.

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