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Spoken Word

I need the time and space
Rhyme and complacency to recall
What is it or more like who do I call
Day and night, or light and dismay
Underachieving, disbelieving
Which ones of us are living
Who is dying
And who is content to keep on giving
Or lying, or become exhausted trying
To run a race without being accosted
By apathy
Or trigger the lost by shooting heresy
When we quote the Word
In a dialectical gun
Loaded with self-help hypothetical scenarios
Aimed at the uninspired, killed-to-hire
Heroes of our everyday world.

We might as well wear a mask
And cover the real TASK of bearing
Each other’s burdens
And sharing what it is that’s on our hearts
Is it the fact that we’ve heard it all before
We’re tired of listening so we slam the door
And fall to the floor and cry to GOD
I can’t take it anymore.
Why have you forsaken me?
And why is it that you have shaken me?
I’m a human rattle being tossed all the more
By an infant desire of innocent composure
And sure, I might have swallowed the core
And Adam dined with Eve under that tree
But somehow it’s their fault, not mine
I’m trying to disagree but somehow I’m guilty
So when my rights don’t get confused with my lefts
I see that what I grasp in one is poison in the other
And I am bereft or dismayed
That the fingerprints aren’t yours
And the residue of death that’s gleaned
Resonates at a crime scene
That I call home, that I call serene
Perhaps its time I reconsider
What my life really means.

All I ask of you today
Is join me in living a life delighted
Excited for how much we’re blessed
And striving for acing the test
Administered by an almighty proctor
Who knows whats best
And who teaches us that the Alpha and Omega
Who was, and is, and is to come
Is the savior that redeemed us
Restored us
And caused our sinful cancer
To stir in remission
Because he made the decision
To open his arms and be the extensor
In a relationship that we said was over
Divorced by a debtor that chose
Knowledge over Thee.

So as I look at you
And wonder what must be
How about we ponder
Why we don’t live prevalently
Changed, Rearranged
And disengaged from an earth full of itself
Its about time we removed our dust jackets off the shelf
Reveal the Book that speaks volumes of our health
Because in a sick world we have the cure
Like doctors with divine degrees
We should answer the cries, the 9-1-1
Calls for emergency
Before the paramedics of pessimistics
Takes away our beloved
And screams down a highway of death
And realistic.

Are we the living
Or are we the corpse
Lets extend our hands
So HE can feel our pulse.


About R. Ward

A husband, father, teacher, and struggling man of God.

One response to “Spoken Word

  1. Phyllis J. Ronco ⋅

    Ryan–awesome gift God has given you! Bless us more with it at Watermark. It is hard “running a race without being accosted by apathy”–at 48 yrs old saved at 5 yrs of age. Christian home. Christian college. My prayer lately has been:
    “Lord, nothing between by soul and the Savior”.
    See ya Sunday.

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