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Dear John (from Philadelphia)

Dear John:

I have an idea for a house.

There will be doors and pillars unlike any you and i have ever seen. The door will have lock and key, and yet, you will not possess the key. You can shut the door, but I will open it any time I like. I’m sure you are probably questioning why you will have a door you cannot control? The larger question to ponder is: is my life an open and shut case? What good is a place of refuge if you can selectively enter into it alone? Your security blanket is not a door, but a dependence on the hinges to swing favor your way. The door will not represent a jail cell, but a welcome mat for the free man and prisoners alike.

Or, how about those pillars? Most represent a key to a building’s skeleton. And while its true they will stabilize the structure, it will also dictate the rise and fall of the house. I mean seriously, we’d have to be naive to think that a house, once its built, remains the same. Its not true! It will rise and fall, from cathedral ceilings to decadent crawl spaces. Keep in mind that a house doesn’t have character, its inhabitants do. How startling would it be to come home from work and see your home half its size! You wouldn’t just accept it as is and enter and rest. You’d try to build it back up! Or do whatever it takes to restore what once was right. A house with unstable pillars will never survive an earthquake of the soul.

Let me know when you are ready to build.




About R. Ward

A husband, father, teacher, and struggling man of God.

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