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Mood Rings–Calm

Taking a break from my typical sermon reflections, I am posting a fun writing I did with my creative writing students.

It was a practice in writing and visualizing in symbol.  I gave them a mood, and told them to write this mood in four different symbols:  color, symbol, Holiday, and clothing.  Here is my entry for “calm”–

Calm is a shade of the red and orange you see in a sunrise or a sunset. Most people think its fire in the sky, but I beg to differ. Anything that burns at high heat is blue. That sunrise, that sunset, its just simmering after a long day’s work, or waking from a pleasant night’s sleep. It’s also the color of red you see in someone’s rosy cheeks. In the rare occasion that its cold in Florida, you can tell if someone is at ease and comfortable by the color of their cheeks. Most Floridians never have rosy cheeks…but I guarantee the ones who take in the cold, enjoy it for what its worth, will display a calm-looking countenance.

Calm is the look on my son’s face when he is sleeping. If you’ve ever seen a baby sleep, you know what I mean. As adults we are inundated with so much garbage in our every day world, yet, when adults go to sleep, they look like death has had dinner with you, taken you to a crappy movie, and then made out with you in the back of his mom’s mini-van. Children release the complications of life once their eyes close. They turn off the switch to their play day and truly relax. Trust me…next time you are around an adult who is sleeping, observe their face. Snap a picture of it. I’ve never seen an adult sleep “majestically.” Beauty sleep is a thing of the past for all grown-ups. But the babes…they are unfazed.

The idea for calm should revolve around a little holiday called Earth Day (big surprise right, coming from me???). The better part of advanced civilization is carving up the earth like a Thanksgiving turkey. The world is losing two acres of rain forest land every second. Back in the 1970’s it was one acre a second. And you may think I am just throwing the numbers around as a joke…I am not. Do your homework. Gas prices were at one time nearing $4 a gallon. People were driving less, being more conservative in their travel. Now, even though our economy is in the tank, people are driving more than ever. The one cheaper thing in the current market is gas. All of the advances we were making about people making smarter decisions with gasoline has been forgotten. Aside from my ranting, I think the earth (the people on the earth) need to see we are destroying the one thing that sustains us everyday. Earth day gives us a moment to pause, reflect, and realize that the very thing we are tearing down and apart will someday tear down and break us apart if we aren’t careful.

Calm is a tie that has been loosened from its lofty perch of too-goodiness. Its one of the few articles of clothing that can be altered on the fly: business-to-casual in a matter of seconds. The tie doesn’t lose its original shape, yet can be arranged in several fashion friendly terms. You know the loosened tie I am talking about. You walk into a room, and someone is wearing a tie, but not in it’s traditional snooty position. And when you recognize this relaxed state of being, you almost let your guard down and realize this person is not a threat to you. Its like a comforting hello from a dear loved one, and not a barrier building “get the hell away from me you little twerp” signal the fully cinched tie offers. Tell me the next time you see a guy wearing his tie relaxed, that he isn’t the coolest customer in the room.


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One response to “Mood Rings–Calm

  1. Panna ⋅

    All I know is that you are the coolest customer in any room…tie or not. This was fun, I would love to see more casual writing. It’s a great snapshot of your fleeting thoughts. Not the ones that get stuck and take shape. Those are impressive but this …this is intimate. I loved it!

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