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Sustainable Design

my body be
Take, eat, this is
to a morsel.  Famine.
will turn from a feast-
sooner or later, your sustenance
of a pompous life, a prideful circumstance
and the winter solstice will be the end
good intentions, like dying leaves, glide to earth
exposure to the ground beneath, the sky above
remarkable foliage makes way for the naked truth:
know that an end will come, autumn will make an example of you.
cling to mitosis, we aren’t meant to mature alone
reach out to Photosynthesis, we need the Sun.
Nutrients to stabilize the stem, the Trunk.
Fertilizer for our delicate roots
in our growth we need the soil
from fertile ground, up,
we are built
had an
or starving,
perhaps, you felt famished
odds are, you had a craving
Chances are, you felt empty today


About R. Ward

A husband, father, teacher, and struggling man of God.

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