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Calamity Calls to Kingdom Come (a hymn)

Oh my God where have you gone
My light has dimmed and you’ve withdrawn
My time of need has soon arrived
I pray for thorns to pierce divine

My pain, my king, I cannot take
The fight, my lord, I cannot fake
Defeat the archer with his bow
With fiery darts as white as snow.

The ache of sin I cannot stand
The sting of stains that broke your hands
I rise and raise my spear to show
I’ve pierced the peace of One I know

My guilt, my king, I cannot hide
The debt, my lord, I cannot buy
Purchase the ransom for my life
Secure me Groom! I am your wife.

The frail know fear, the lost lose hope
I’m tied in knots, with mine own rope
Release me from the bondage nigh
So I can soar to safety’s side.

Your crown, my king, I cannot wear
The cross, my lord, I cannot bear
I’ve lost the meaning of your home
I’m running toward your Kingdom’s thrown.


About R. Ward

A husband, father, teacher, and struggling man of God.

One response to “Calamity Calls to Kingdom Come (a hymn)

  1. i like this hymn… i randomly ran across your blog. really like your writing and author choices.

    To The King.


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