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Default-My Fault

I am not the heart
I am the rift that divides
I am not the space in between
I am the jagged edge.
I am not the shark’s teeth
I am the friction with the timber
I am not the sawdust
I am the stump humbled in the forest.
I am not the sapling of hope
I am the weed that chokes the root
I am not the seedling in the sun
I am the canopy that shields the day.
I am not the umbrella
I am the acid in the rain
I am not the spring eternal
I am the flood that sweeps away.
I am not the survivor
I am the masochist set on a hill
I am not the lamp
I am the bush that covers the light.
I am not ashamed
I am the pride of life
I am not the question’s answer
I am the embarrassed educated guess.


About R. Ward

A husband, father, teacher, and struggling man of God.

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