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Abolish the Groom, Abolish the Bride

The vows? No longer recited.
The charge?  No longer demanded.
Do you, Party A…..take Party B.,
In unholy matrimony, subconsciously swear
To join in glorious disunion
To cautiously have
To Disproportionally hold
From this day forward
Till judicial decision do us part?  If so,
Please say, “I most likely will.”

The reception?  No longer celebrated.
The honeymoon?  No longer sweet.
The marriage bed is a twin
Downsized for economy, convenience
Easier to transport,
Easier to move…….on.
The threshold is a mine
Buried into the ground to conceal,
To protect against enemy invasion
It is better to split than explode
With irreconcilable shrapnel.

The husband?  No longer satisfied.
The wife?  No longer supportive.
We have gathered here today
To witness the marriage
Of what could have been
To what used to be
A commitment of devalues
A proclamation of faithlessness
As a symbol of our sin
As a token of eternal shortcomings-
With this ring, I thee wed.


About R. Ward

A husband, father, teacher, and struggling man of God.

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