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Tension is a Tasteless Salt

For you the spoiled tastes the same
a dash of settling
a pinch of complacency
preheat the spirit to zero
let stand for days on end
remove from lukewarm, stir
cover, like a shield in front of a candle
serve to your loved ones, friends, strangers.

Cater to an audience starving
for cheap nourishment
for fast food
drive thrus for the soul
a playground to appease the child
meals that make happy a lamb.
the slaughter is not the sheep
but the Shepherd’s creation.

You say the fuel needs a flavor
a diet soda in search of a flash
i propose a nutrition guide
a teaspoon’s worth of advice-
why use a tasteless salt
on a maleable meal
that’s as effective as a drizzle rain
falling on a drought stricken world?


About R. Ward

A husband, father, teacher, and struggling man of God.

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