Living with/for/by morals

I’m not much for reading too many blogs of other writers…not yet anyway.

But one caught my eye this week.

This soldier in Iraq–he has kept a blog for about five years–he wrote a blog recently and gave it to a buddy–in case he were killed in action–to be posted as “memoir” of sorts.

Well, he died in January, his buddy posted the blog, and it is sensational.  Well-thought out, intelligent, impactful,  insightful, and timeless.  This man stood his ground, believed in something, and ultimately, lost his life.  But as you read his final blog, he was fortunate to die doing something he loved.

The overwhelming aspect to the blog (aside from the numerous VALID points he makes), are the comments friends, loved ones, and complete strangers left regarding his post, and reaction to his death.

It almost makes me sad I never knew him, never read his blogs, and witnessed a life worth living.

Read on…here is the link.

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