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Men At Work (How to Build a House)

Men aren’t on billboards, men are not in magazines
Men are level-headed and avoid the ravines
He stands tall and sturdy, held to a higher plane
He looks for openings to lead, and shuts out distractions insane.
Men protect their families from impending storms
Men shield their belongings from intruding forms
His intuition is sometimes betrayed by his brain
His obstacles waste away without disdain.
Men are more than cool, project more than the Marlboro man
Men have a sensitive side, segregated like a masculine land.
He is unrefined like a ’65 vette
He is a carpet that no one would covet.
Men clean up more than just with their looks
Men clothe themselves in humility, unlike a crook.
His hands reach to those in need
His trust is secured in his deeds
Men are honest while removing selfishness
Men pave the way for those who are helpless.
He brings relief and comfort to the widow
He circulates his wealth like flowers in a meadow.
Men do not engulf themselves in contentment
Men are far from pure, unfinished beyond retirement.


About R. Ward

A husband, father, teacher, and struggling man of God.

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